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Sign making is more than a process. It's an art. As your sign maker, we take great care in designing and creating high quality signs tailored to meet your individual needs. You can rely on our skilled team to handle all your signage needs.




Things break down or need cleaning from time to time. Light bulbs, signs, and transformers are no exception. Before you buy a new sign let us take a look, we may be able to get you a few more years of use out of it! In most cases they may look shabby but we can have it looking like they day you installed it.

Whether it is an electric box sign, a carved HDU monument, or anything in between, let us help you give you sign and your business a facelift. Your signs and lighting are the one of the first things people notice. They are a way to promote your company and its professionalism. Don’t miss out on a valuable chance to show off your business at its best. Let us help you clean up that old sign, and get it looking it’s best.

Once you contact us we can meet you on-site to go over the wear or damage, and give you options for repair. In most cases we can get you a quote within a day or two.


Sign Services

Electrical options

LED Conversion

Chances are high that you’ve dealt with increased maintenance and energy costs as well as burnt out bulbs and tubes. These issues are now being addressed thanks to the versatility of LED signage lighting. The main advantages to using LED lighting for commercial signage as opposed to fluorescent or neon tubes: energy efficiency, durability, safety, and overall light quality.

Electrical Supply

We have the fluorescent ballasts, HID ballasts, and LED drivers you need to make your lighting installation a success. Our selection of metal ballasts offers virtually every wattage and voltage. We also carry a wide variety of LED drivers including constant current drivers, constant voltage drivers, AC voltage drivers, programmable LED drivers, dimmable LED drivers, and drivers that are approved for outdoor use.

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Manufacturing Survey

manufacturing, Survey & install


Insta signs plus has been manufacturing signs for 30 years, we are experienced in designing and producing first rate signs for Delaware and the surrounding area. We take great care as sign professionals to meet your specific needs and provide you with a beautiful and polished looking final product.

We pledge to always use quality materials and technology to meet your technical specifications. Insta signs plus can provide you with an eye-catching sign that can help promote your business. We’re not happy unless our customers are happy, and we will always use the best methods to give you the sign that will help your business grow.


We have a highly skilled crew of production personell that have been in the industry for decades. They are constantly learning and adding new techniques, and new materials to our arsenal. 

Our greatest compliment is a returning customer. By helping you grow your business we’ll grow ours as well, so we take pride in everything we do, and treat each job like it is personal.



At Insta Signs Plus we have a crew of experienced and talented installers. From 50’ pylon signs to vehicle wraps, they can handle just about anything.


Our installers make sure that everything they touch will last as long as possible, and give your business the identity it deserves. We pride ourselves on getting it right the first time. When we leave your install, our goal is to not have to come back. We understand that leaving you with a failing sign is not an option, so we strive for perfecting in everything we do. We’ll arrive to your install with fully-stocked trucks, with any tools or materials we may need to complete the job.

In addition to installing signs we have produced, we also offer installation for signs and/or vinyl that has been produced somewhere else. Our installers can take the provided materials, whatever they may be and make sure that they are installed perfectly. Whether you are a national company looking for a local solution, or an individual who just needs some help installing an on-line order, reach out and let us tell you how we can help.


SURVEYS and Planning

Not sure what you need? Let our talented team of surveyors help you. We are just as comfortable planning the placement of 500 ADA signs in a new hotel, as we are the placement of a new monument sign.

Over years of working all types of jobs, we have learned the relevance of a correctly done site survey. Not only can we suggest many different options, but we can also ensure that any sign that is installed is done so, following state, county, and city guidelines. We are also well versed in DOT regulations as far as sign placement and will ensure that whatever sign you go with, it will not be removed due to breaking any guidelines. As sign contractors, we are also able to pull any necessary permits, and make it a habit to do just that on any job that requires it.

Once your job gets rolling our Operations and Production managers will work together with our team of designers, and manufacturers to ensure that every sign is delivered on-time and with the upmost quality. We make it a point to keep all of our customers informed about the progress of their signs at every step of the way, and can work to meet just about any deadline that is given.


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Design Services


in-house designers

Work directly with one of our professional graphic designers to turn your idea into an awesome design.

Making a good first impression is vital to communicating your objectives and developing a professional image. Eye-catching materials is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy.

Our design team works collaboratively to give your company an eye-catching brand to put you ahead of your competitors. From logos to print work to packaging, we deliver inspired, effective, intelligent work for your brand.

Graphic Design Services include:

+ Logo Design

+ Infographics Design
+ Trade Show Materials

+ T-shirt Design

+ Business Cards & Letterhead

+ Banner and Poster Design

+ Custom Illustration
+ Image Retouching

Design Development

Brand Development

We take the time to learn about your brand, we seek to understand your marketing objectives and formulate a brand image that makes an impact on your current competitive landscape. Through careful consideration and partnership with you, we manifest a visual expression of your brand’s personality that leaves a particularly lasting impression that elevates your brand equity.

Schematic Design

We are focused on ensuring that the sign system is both cost-effective to produce and easy to maintain by the client. The team performs site and visibility analysis, determines zoning requirements, and makes recommendations for overall custom sign designs, size, typestyles, and color to communicate the messages effectively. Our designs meet requirements to ensure the long-term value of a signage investment.


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